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Gillian Chu


(September 17) Shield the Bay: Today we were able to finally announce that the Booz Allen Foundation gave us $10,000 from their Innovation Fund. Read more about it here!

(September 8) ASCEND: Inferring the History of Founder Events in Human Populations is up on bioarXiv. Read it here!

(June 6) I just graduated UC Berkeley! I’ll be taking an extra semester before starting my Master’s in Computer Science at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. (UIUC)

In the meantime…

I’m wrapping up a project with Professor Satish Rao (r), where we’ve been extending an algorithm to infer phylogenies more accurately.

This summer, I’m working with Professor Priya Moorjani (r) as a research assistant, developing and testing a new method to do local ancestry inference on modern day and ancient humans.

I’m interested in…

My research interests involve using graph theory to solve biological problems, as well as learning more about the genetic signals that help us infer the past. At the moment, that means I’m focused on learning about population genetics and the techniques surrounding phylogeny inference.

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Gillian Chu is a graduating senior at UC Berkeley. She is interested in developing and applying algorithms to solve biological problems.